Best Practice

Providing best practice in the field of secondary market for Swiss unlisted indirect real estate products, offering a bulletin board where investors can indicate their buying or selling interests to maximize transparency, efficiency and liquidity

Quality Partnership

Propertymatch platform was set up by CBRE and GFI, both world leaders in real estate and brokerage.In Switzerland, PMCH SA acts as local facilitator and administrator for the platform. BCV, the Swiss leader in custody and brokerage services for real estate investment products and SFP, one of Switzerland’s largest independent real estate asset managers, act as appointed brokers.


Bespoke solution to improve transparency through an online platform allowing participants to consult live investors interests anonymously and historic data about realized trades

PropertyMatch was formed in 2009 through the collaboration of CBRE and the GFI Group and is the only electronic pricing platform dedicated to unlisted Real Estate funds, providing interactive prices on a real time basis. Since 2009, PropertyMatch has arranged $15bn of Secondary Market Trades through 1,700+ transactions with investors from over 20 countries, providing a viable and accessible alternative to the Primary Unlisted Real Estate Fund market. PropertyMatch is active in Switzerland since the first quarter of 2021.